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Private Psychiatric Services in Devon & Cornwall

We provide face-to-face consultations for adults of working age in Devon and Cornwall,, addressing issues of diagnosis and treatment for mental health problems. In addition, via, we offer an alternative in the form of secure video-link consultations, including access to specialists in other  fields such as addictions, perinatal, child and adolescent  and old-age psychiatry.

Worried about your mental health? – perhaps we can help.

As humans, we can face all sorts of difficulties in our everyday lives, and the organ that has to try and understand and manage everything is the brain! In addition to having to receive and analyse messages from the outside world, the brain has to integrate these with a knowledge of what is happening internally;  this includes not only decoding messages from other parts of the body but also from itself, and that is where things can get so complicated and sometimes frightening.

Mental disorders cause great pain, perhaps the greatest pain. Psychiatrists are doctors who are trained in the diagnosis and management of mental disorders. Seeing a psychiatrist helps in understanding symptoms, thinking about possible reasons for difficulties and considering what might help.

As in other medical specialities, medication can be useful, but we also advise about psychological and other treatments. Often, just having an understanding of the nature of a problem and having an opportunity to discuss it can be therapeutic in itself and reduce problems without the need for any further specific treatment.

Depending on your needs, we can also write letters to confirm opinions and treatment and make recommendations to help you access further support from local services and other agencies.

Self-referrals are welcome, but in keeping with GMC Good Practice Guidelines, we usually liaise with GPs to ensure safe and joined-up care. We also welcome referrals via GPs and other agencies.

Simply contact us here so we can start to change things for you today.

Areas of Specialism

  • General Adult Psychiatry
  • Mood disorders, including Depression and Bipolar spectrum.
  • Anxiety disorders, including OCD and PTSD
  • Personality disorders
  • Psychotic Disorders
  • Stress
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders ( adult ADHD, Autistic Spectrum.)

We can also provide access to other specialist colleagues in all areas of psychiatry including:

  • Child and adolescent psychiatry
  • Perinatal psychiatry
  • Eating disorders
  • Addictions and substance misuse
  • Memory loss
  • Sleep disorders
  • Learning disabilities

Consultation Fees

  • Initial Consultation (in Clinic) : £300.00 (60mins + detailed letter)
  • Initial Consultation (Home Visit): from £350.00 (60mins + detailed letter)
  • Follow Up Consultation (in clinic): £150.00 (30mins + follow up letter)
  • Follow Up Consultation (Home Visit): from £200.00 (30mins + follow up letter)
  • Online Initial Consultation: £300.00 (60mins + detailed letter)
  • Follow Up online consultation £150.00(30mins + follow up letter)
  • Private prescription: £20.00 (+ drug cost)


Payment terms – payment is by credit or debit card, prior to the consultation.

To make an appointment please call 0330 124 4305 during office hours or complete our contact form

For all appointments and enquiries